Established in 2018, a Bay Area group of diverse women came together after a concert and collectively created an art platform that would soon inspire the world. HER PLACE IS IN premiered their first project, HER PLACE  IS IN: Color on July 27, 2018. After the overwhelmingly positive response, the team decided to invite the community to participate in HER PLACE IS IN: SKIN. A project centered around building community, celebrating diversity, redefining beauty, and empowering femininity. The goal of our last photoshoot, was to feature 30+ women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities wearing absolutely no makeup and in outfits styled to match the tone of their skin and combat unhealthy beauty standards by celebrating their so-called “flaws." They proved that beauty is no one color, size, or shape, and that true empowerment is much broader than the skin. Posing together, these women celebrated the strength that lies in community and the power that lies in unity. The premiere took place on December 8, 2018. 






HER PLACE IS IN is an organization dedicated to social action through art.

Focused on building community, celebrating diversity and empowering femininity, we are committed to sharing stories, advancing social education, and creating spaces for conversations that lead to real change.





We’ve taken a term commonly used to put women down (“her place is in the home/silence/a sexual object”) and used it to highlight all of the amazing and powerful places women are beginning to emerge (but have always been) in society and the workplace. This is a celebration of everything that makes you feel the most “you”. No borders, no blocks, no social constructs or stereotypes.



Your place is wherever you want it to be.


We invite you to live your truth.